Tuesday July18, 2023 Ride to Boundary Bay 85 km

Tonight we had a great showing for this ride to Boundary Bay and others places, I think there was 13 bikes ad 15 people, about four first time riding with Langley RoadRiders Motorcycle Club. The ride was thought to be a simple route but a number of unusual circumstances made it more complicated. The first route altering was the over pass on Hwy 17a was closed because of a truck earlier in the day and had run into the overpass causing it to be closed, so we had to follow the detour which was through the George Massey Tunnel and make a U-turn and come back through the tunnel to get back onto Hwy 17a south of the damages overpass. Then the leader of the ride missed the exit to the 91 Connecter because the GPS said the exit was 600 meters further than it was (someone moved the road), In order to get back onto the planned route we ran into lots of construction which cause closed roads with more detours. So now we have a new route to the end point of the DQ at 152nd St. and Hwy 10. Almost everyone made it for the ice cream. The ride didn’t go as smooth as most rides but we still got the ice cream at the end.

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