Tuesday July 4. 2023 Back roads near Mission 87 km

I think this is one of the better Tuesday night rides for longer days of summer. George A, George C, Jayden C, Ed P, Mike O. John V, Jim M, Vicki M, Deane L Ken L, and maybe more??? were ready to have a ride tonight. I think of the Tuesday night rides we do this may be one of the best. Windy roads, some freeway, tight curves to keep your skills sharp, Starting on Hills, stopping at bottom of hills and eating ice cream at the end of the ride. Starting from McDonalds as always leaving at 7pm straight to Hw1 for a get to the good roads soon to Fraser Hwy and Hwy 11. Now the good part starts almost as soon as we leave Lougheed. We managed to find some new to some of us made for motorcycle roads near Mission and then over to Maple Ridge for Ice-cream at DQ for dessert and social time.

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