Tuesday July 11, 2023 Mission

Tuesday July 11, 2023 Ride to Mission back roads 87 km

Eleven bikes with riders of course (George A, Neil R, Scott M, John K, Lester L, John G, Aleris P, John V, Mike O, Ed P, Lenke L)showed up for this ride and as always s no one knows where the ride is going to until just before the ride leaves because Tuesday night rides are not scheduled and are the leaders choice. This ride was one of the better rides with lots of curves and never seen before roads to some of the riders. This ride was the reverse of last Tuesday night ride and thinks look different when riding in the opposite direction. Across the Golden Ears Bridge to start and east on Hwy 7 for a while, the curvy roads start and there were lots of them. After about an hour of this we crossed the Mission Bridge and rode to Aldergrove DQ for Ice-cream and chatter. Perfect weather for a Tuesday night ride and I believe everyone enjoyed this ride tonight.

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