Tuesday August 1, 2023 Ride to Sasamat Lake 70 Km.

Fifteen bikes showed up for a Tuesday night ride and they don’t know where they are going to until they get to McDonalds After a brief pre-ride chat we left McDonalds at 7:00 pm heading south to Lougheed and then further north to David avenue. Sounds pretty simple, but as usual it isn’t always the shortest route. was heavy tonight but we managed to stay together as a group even though at times there was a few cars mixed in with us. We did make it to Sasamat Lake for a short session of chatter. The homeward through Ioco, Coquitlam, and onto Hwy 1 west for most of us. One joker took the Hwy1 west which made him late for the ice cream stop in Cloverdale which was the end of the ride. Absolutely a perfect night for riding motorcycles despite the traffic

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