The Soggy Road to Laconner

Parting the curtains early Sunday morning, I noticed the road was wet, but at least it wasn’t raining.  After donning on the rain gear, I made my way to Brogans for a pre-ride breakfast.  True to form, George A. showed up shortly after my 7:00 AM arrival.  After breakfast, we arrived at McDonalds at 07:50 and waited the next 10 minutes to see if any other members would brave the weather.  With no other riders showing up, we made our way through the border crossing and arrived at the Shell station in Blaine for 08:30.  Again, no one arrived and so George and I continued on our own.

The ride along Mosquito Lake Road was dry but the low lying clouds threated to release it’s stores on to us at any moment.  Two hours into the ride, we stopped off in Sedro Wooley to take a break before pushing on through the fields of daffodils and tulips.  The threat of weather did keep most of the public off the roads so traffic was light.  We stopped along the side of the road to take a brief photo of the flowers before moving on to Laconner.  I had intended on flying the drone over the tulip field but wind conditions prevented that from happening.  Maybe next year.

With a brief ride through Laconner we made our way to Edison and the Longhorn Saloon.  Usually a favorite with many bikers, we had little trouble finding parking in front of the Saloon on this rainy day.  The food was good, but the coffee was stale, tasting like it was brewed in the 20th century. 

After lunch, we made our way along Chuckanut Drive before connecting to I5 and short ride back to the border.  By then, the rain was coming down in steady streams.  A low air pressure warning light came on for my rear tire and so we stopped off at the nearest service station to determine the source of the problem.  By the time I stopped, the warning light had turned off.  Testing the tire pressure with a manual guage confirmed that the tire pressure was ok.  Back on the road, George and I parted ways near Blaine and I arrived home by 14:30.

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