Sunday ride July 16, 2023 620 KM

Ride to Keremeos for cherries (who are we kidding but I will get some anyway)

Sunny morning and weather forecast to be Hot in Keremeos and five bikes and six people still arrived for this ride. George A, Ed P, Neil R, Dave T, Don and Louise P. Pretty simple ride Hw1 to Hope, Hwy 3 to Keremeos. Hwy three is a very nice motorcycle road and is in good shape. Traffic was no to bad today and lighter than I expected for a sunny summer day. First stop Hope A&W where we met up with another rider Roger P. Hwy 3 to Princeton for the next stop to fill up with fuel. Just to get off the Hwy for a while we rode the scenic Old Headley road from Princeton and back on Hwy three before Headley. Now onto Keremeos for lunch with friends and past members Ian and Debbie Flanders who have retired and moved not too far from Keremeos. It was like a family reunion. Lunch was at K Mountain Diner which serves very good and big portions. After lunch and a few chuckles Louise and Don left the group and are having a sleep over at Deb and Ian’s. Temperatures got high to 36 degrees near Keremeos and a ways on our way home. Good ride, good cherries, good friends and good lunch made it an enjoyable experience.

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