June 25  · 

23-06-25 Ride today was to Kenny Glasgow’s Metal artwork Lytton BC 565km

Only three of us met at McDonalds for this ride (George A, Ed P Brent R) to Lytton and Kenny Glasgo’s Metal Art exhibit with some philosophy printed beside each piece of work. First stop was A&W in hope to meet with Roger P to make us four riders. Next stop was at Lytton BC for the tour led by the philosopher and artist Kenny Glasgow. Kenny shared his Philosophy on many different topics as we walked around the place high on the hill above Lytton. The big fire that almost completely evaporated the town of Lytton. With a desperate goal to save the 30 years of work from fire that Kenny had created He his wife and a friend fought the fire of fall night with only a hot tub of 500 gallons of water, some were destroyed but many were saved. Every piece has a story.

After completing the guided tour and picture taking we headed to Spences Bridge for lunch at the Packing House Restaurant. The lunch was very good and quick made fresh. The route was changed from the planned route because all thought they would like to do HWY 8 to Merritt. I rode this Hwy a few weeks back and found only about 12 short sections of gravel road. Now we encountered many kilometers of good gravel road. Hope they are getting ready to pave it. Some light rain during this part of the ride, but no-one got wet. Stop in Merritt for some to fuel up and then the Coldwater road to Hwy 5 to Hope. Traditional Ice cream stop at DQ. Here two of us rode home on Hwy 1 and two home on Number 7. I got home at 6:45 pm. A little rain, some sun temperature not too shabby.

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