Sunday July 23, 2023 ride Duffy Lake loop Clockwise 570 km

This morning, the sun is shining bright and warm as either 10 or 11 bikes arrived at McDonalds for the 8:00an departure of this long but great ride on mostly major roads with lots of very good scenery. I will try to remember who all was there George A, Roger P, Mike O, John F, John K. Lenke L, Dave T, Ken L, Lester L. This ride may be known in the future as the open saddle bag ride as twice we had to stop so the Owner of each of the open lids had to close them up. First scheduled stop was at Tim Hortons in Squamish for a comfort stop, gas for some and maybe a coffee. Here Glen H joined us for the rest of the ride. So now we have one more rider. And after a saddle bag inspection we carried on to the next scheduled stop which was a gas stop in Pemberton. Here when we did a head count, one is missing and we realized it was the guy that went for gas in Squamish. But he couldn’t really get lost, he only had to head to Pemberton. The third scheduled stop will be the half way through the ride and lunch at A&W in Lillooet. As we were finishing our Teen burgers the missing link showed up and rejoined us. Feeling much better now that the group is complete we will ride the last part of Hwy 99 of this ride to Hwy 12 which took us to Lytton and Hwy 1 the Fraser Canyon. A stop in Boston Bar for ice cream at the newly reopened JB’s drive in restaurant. The last leg was to Hope where we stopped and split into two smaller groups one heading home on Hwy 7 the other home on Hwy 1. Traffic was heavy on Hwy 1 before we got to Chilliwack Home for me just before 7:00 pm. A full day’s ride in beautiful places on a great riding day with temps up to 34 degrees C

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