Sunday morning shone bright and clear as 7 riders met at McDonalds.   Light Sunday morning traffic allowed us to make good time to Brittania Beach, where we pulled over and looked at the abandoned three and four storey buildings of the now closed mining company.   By the looks of them, the small square windows in these buildings had made good rock throwing targets for the local boys, over the years.   After a brief rest we rode on to Brandywine Falls, where the last 6 stalls in the parking lot, all side by side, were vacant and served beautifully for us to park our bikes.                We all decided to stroll to the falls before having our snacks.   After a brief climb we stepped out onto a cantilevered ledge that had us looking into a ravine about 200 feet deep, that has been cut out of the land over the centuries through the erosion of running water.    The falls were in full flow, and looked spectacular.         On returning to the parking area, empty picnic tables greeted us.   How very convenient, when one is having lunch at 10:30am.    Having finished our break, we returned to Squamish to gas up.   Gas prices were disappointingly similar to those in the city.   On we rode to the view point at Cypress Bowl, but not before going through several radar traps, including a speed trap on Cypress Bowl Road.    At one radar check point, we were given the horizontal palm raised up and down signal, from a friendly officer suggesting we slow down.    A very big Thank You to that young lady!
     At Cypress Bowl Viewpoint we again found plenty of vacant picnic tables, and sat down for our second and final rest stop.   Fire smoke hazed the view across the waters.   Finishing our lunches, we all set off up the mountain, just for the twisties, and then headed down and home.   Traffic was light as we were ahead of the weekend Whistler exodus, and I found myself home by 2:30pm, after 385 kms.   just in time for lemonade and nachos.   Ain’t life grand!



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