LRRMC Sunday August 22, 2021 In Your Backyard (Reversed)  341 KM

The ride starts from McDonald’s in Langley at 8:00 am as it does every Sunday. Five bikes were waiting for the Big hand to reach the 12 and the little hand be at the eight, if you had an old fashioned watch.

One bike was going for a ride to Chilliwack Lake, the other four rode the planned route. The clouds were over head as the weather people had said, but there was no rain as they predicted. The route was Hwy 1 to Yale road west exit to the north Parallel road, Before we got this far the predicted rain started, but it was very light and didn’t much bother us, Not long after the rain stopped and the sun came out and the day got warmer as the day carried on. Picture of the route below. Turned out to be a great day of riding even though there was some of the expected traffic in Vancouver. Lunch was at the take out A&W in Port Moody where we ate at the tables under sunny skies.

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