Sunday August 21, 2022 Ride to Princeton, Coalmont, Tulameen 550km

This cloudy morning seven bikes arrived at the start location for this ride today. George, Richard, Stan, Brent, Mike, Dave and Ed. Hwy 1 east to Hope where we stopped for gas and to meet up with four more riders. Louis, Wayne, Ken and Glen. Now eleven bikes heading east on Hwy 3 and first stop Manning Park for a short break. Next stop Princeton to refuel. The stops are important so everyone can have a few laughs, tell stories and discuss any funny or strange sights on the way. Now heading for the half way point of the ride, but first a stop at the historic Coalmont Hotel. Had to have a picture with today’s bike at the Hotel. Next destination before turning back the way we came is Tulameen and Otter Lake. The road in from Princeton had 5 or 6 places with a lot of gravel or mud on it from a recent flood and looks like maybe a mud slide or two. The use of caution was useful to prevent any unplanned events.

Once back in Princeton finding a restaurant that wasn’t full was a challenge, and we decided on Billy’s Family Restaurant. It took a long time to get our meals, but they were very good and I thought price was good as well. We were a little behind our schedule so we road straight home from Princeton without any stops. The weather turned to sunny and not too hot with a high of 30 in Princeton. The Hwy 3 was much better than last time we were on it with a lot of new pavement.

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