Sunday August 1, 2021 ride to Boston Bar > Spences Bridge 435km return

This ride was panned to be Boston Bar for Lunch at Old Towne Inne in Boston Bar and if anyone wanted to carry on after lunch, they could do so. The original rote was 435 km return but two of us rode 685  km

Seven bikes arrived at McDonalds for the 8:00 am departure with cloudy skies above and fairly cool compared to the recent temperatures. The ride headed across the Golden Ears Bridge to Dewdney Trunk on the way to the Stave lake Dam  and then taking a long way to Horn of Plenty café in Kent, where we would meet any other members that benefitted by joining the ride there. But from here two left the ride for other commitments. Onward to Boston Bar to arrive at the Old Towne Inn as it opens at 11:30. One more bike left here for the same reason as the others did earlier. Once lunch was finished two more made the turn to home. The weather was foggy and about 21°. Now only two of us left and off we go to complete the rest of the route as it was distributed to members. The end of the planned route was Spences Bridge before returning home. The two of us were George and Rick and once we got to the junction of Hwy 1 and Hwy 8.  Hwy 8 was closed due to  fires in the area and we already knew this. We made a new plan for the ride home. Ride to Ashcroft, Logan Lake, Merritt, up to Lac LeJeune, home on Hwy 5. This made the day ride into 680 km. a perfect days ride. After we left Boston Bar it was very foggy and sometime light rain, But once we left Logan Lake and started to head north to Lac Le Jeune it poured and temperature dropped to 15°. Not a problem we both had our rain gear and sufficient clothing for the 15°. Merrett was dry and warmer as well. Foggy on Hwy 5 most of the way. Approaching Hope it warmed up to about 21 which was good enough for the traditional Dairy Queen stop before riding the last leg of our Sunday ride and home just after 7:00. pictures on FB

May be an image of map
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