Ride to Chilliwack & Hope, September 29, 2019

Last Sunday’s ride was originally scheduled to Hope and Princeton.  The weather predicted snow flurries along Manning Park and so it was decided that we restrict the route west of Hope.

Five met for and early breakfast at Brogans followed by meeting with 8 other members at McDonalds.  After a quick briefing, we proceeded from Langley east along Vye road to Vedder mountain road to Yarrow where we had a quick break.  The group pretty much stayed together until we made our way around Ryder Lake where one of the members got lost.  After confirming their whereabouts and their decision to head back home, we left Chilliwack and rode along Hwy 1 to Hope.  The temperatures drifted down to about 8oC but with the wind chill, it felt much colder.  The group crossed over to Hwy 7 and finally arrived at Kilby’s Restaurant, an historic site, near Harrison Mills shortly before noon.  While the service was a little slow, the food was worth the wait and the group was back on the road 75 minutes later.

The weather improved after lunch and the return ride was completed in sunshine and a comfortable 16oC.  Crossing over the Mission bridge, the group continued along Harris rode with a little detour through Fort Langely where everyone individually made their way home.

Scott Maynard,


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