N9ne rides showed up to enjoy a terrific late summer riding day, with perfect temperatures in the low to mid 20’s , and mildly cloudy skies. Our new meeting place at the Shell station next to Big Al’s worked out really well, with 7 of us meeting up there. Grant McKenzie led the way, and we were off to Anacortes, and Mt Erie. The mountain was a bit of a surprise to many, as we had never been up there before, and the view is outstanding.(photos herewith for your enjoyment!)

Onward from there to the Calico Cupboard, which was packed, for lunch. Checking out the Union Tavern across the street, we found many empty tables, including one that could accommodate 9 of us. And, no one had to sit on a high chair, with their legs dangling a foot above the ground. What is that about anyway?

The unusual menu led many of us to try their exotic hot dogs. I had the Reuben : all beef weiner, slices of corn beef, cheese sauce, sauerkraut, and bun, with special sauce…….something no one had ever put on offer before ! Yummy! Grant went with the Dog Father……and then started calling us all Goodfellas, as I recall.

For entertainment, Brent Rose demonstrated how he could link his cellphone to his camera, so that he could be in the picture, as well as take it. (None the less, your faithful servant was once again left out of all the photos.)

The ride home saw us all scatter like leaves in the wind; happy and keen for another ride soon.

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