Miracle Valley Ride May 31, 2020

Leaving McDonalds

Five riders (George, Bob V, Lester, Grant and myself) arrived before 08:00 Sunday morning at the Langley McDonalds.  Due to the possibility of showers to the east, a backup ride to Ionis Park and Steveston was temporarily considered and rejected in favor of the original Miracle Valley Ride that was scheduled.  We ventured out after suiting up with our rain gear on and proceeded along 8th Ave. to our first stop in Yarrow.  With a brief rest stop at a village park, some of us benefitted from the use of the public washrooms. 

Yarrow Park

The Vedder Mountain Road was closed due to a fallen power line and we detoured back through Yarrow.  Along the way, part of the group got separated when Bob hit a deep puddle which dislodge lodged one of his lower panels on his Spyder.  Having secured it with a number of bungie cords,  the group was able to reconnoiter and headed towards Seabird Island.  The 8 km winding stretch was scenic and relaxing.  Once back on Highway 7, we stopped off at the Agassiz Agricultural Research Station for an early lunch.  This was followed by a brief tour of the experimental farm which I conducted.  Several of the buildings that were toured included the original dairy barn circa 1886 and calf barn built in 1911.  The University of British Columbia have a large presence on site with recently constructed dairy and calf barns, milking parlour and student residences.  A perimeter tour of the Office/Laboratory Greenhouses and other support facilities completed our visit. 

Picnic Shelter – Agassiz Research Centre

Our ride continued by meandering through Sylvester and Stave Lake roads which was absolutely spectacular.  The group completed the ride by making its’ way through Maple Ridge and finally crossing the Fraser via the Golden Ears Bridge. 

Scott Maynard,

President, LRRMC

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