May 6, 2018 Squamish for lunch (the long way)

This sunny morning in May, 12 bikes met at McDonald’s for this ride over the Golden Ears bridge. But first we have to have breakfast at Kalma Restaurant in Langley.  Four more people met us here for the ride. Over the Golden Ears and up to Westwood Plateau and Heritage Mountain to see great scenery and expensive homes. Through Port Moody and over the Iron Workers Memorial bridge . A tour of Clayton Heights, Capilano and across to Cypress Mountain. By this time it was time to do some serious travelling to Squamish for lunch at Shady Tree Pub, After lunch and all the chatting was done we headed home on the hwy with every one leaving the group at the exit they needed to get home. It was a good day for riding in the sun with warm temperatures. and we even had a little entertainment at Cypress.  pictures

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