March 25, 2018 Belcarra, White Rock

March 25, 2018 Ioco, Belcarra White Rock 197 km Well this morning the temperature was -.3 degrees and I didn’t expect anyone would show up for the ride today. But you never know< I have been surprised before When I got to McDonald’s there was a bike there I didn’t recognize. I walked into the building and there was Terry Fairful a past member who I have not seen for a long time. He is back riding and wants to join the club again. He took a few years off to play with sports cars. Another guy I don’t get to see very often is Derek Butler and he was there also. He lives in Vancouver. He was a little frozen but by the time we had finished breakfast at Kalma Restaurant he was thawed. But I was there and wanted to ride , so I did the ride by myself. It was a good ride and I was warm with the use of heated grips, seat and heated vest. Stopped in Crescent beach at Hoked on Fish for fish and chips for a late lunch. Was 4 degrees in Port Coquitlam. snow on the lawns near Belcarra but roads were dry. Pictures

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