March 18, 2018 Steveston

March 18, 2018 Steveston 146 km This is the first scheduled ride for 2018 and our VP is the leader of this day of light showers, but a little warmer then predicted. Six bikes showed up at McDonald s to take part in this ride with first stop at Kalma Restaurant in Langley. Now we don’t just b-line it to Steveston as some might, we take a much more interesting route. Through south Langley. south Surrey, Ladner, Richmond and then to Iona Beach Regional park where we stopped for a break. Now then on to Steveston for lunch at Buck and Earls Pub and Bar which was a good choice because the food and service was very good. Lunch finished, Glen took the lead to some hidden away roads that only an old timer would know of where we go to see lots on new things. As we got closer to home each of us left the group to head to their home.This was a great ride for the first one of the season. Oh by the way two people on this ride had new or new to them bikes.     Pictures

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