June 5, 2022 Ride to Kamloops

Ride To Kamloops Hwy 5A home through Logan Lake

The weather forecast was for buckets of rain all day long, in Langley, Kamloops and everywhere in between, but I had to look outside this morning to see if it was raining. It was not raining just cloudy so I decided I would go for breakfast and stop by McDonalds to see if there were any more crazy riders. There was not, but the sun was shining in the southwest. It is warm I am going. No rain until I got to east Abbotsford and the rain was light. Keep going, rain stopped east side of Chilliwack. Man this is good and I don’t even have Brent’s two pair of rain gear with me. Never rained again until I past Hope, and then it was light showers on an off until I got to Kamloops A&W Petro Canada, Kamloops1885 West Trans Canada Highway for Lunch about 11:45. This location of A&W Makes the best Teen Burger.. After lunch the sun was shining and it was 21 degrees travellle 97c to Logan Lake. Never rained again until I got south of Merritt, close to the summit, But when I got to  Popkum I think I run into another atmospheric river all the way past Bridal Falls, Got home about 5:30  I still enjoyed the ride even in the rain

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