July 25, 2021 Ride to Pemberton/ Callahan Valley 425km

LRRMC Sunday Ride July 25, 2021 Pemberton> Callahan Valley  425km

Only four bikes showed u at McDonalds for this ride today. One only came to visit, because he has been unable to do long rides. The other two were planning on only going to Squamish and make a U-turn and go home. One was planning on doing the whole ride. I can’t remember when we had such a small turnout for a sunny day in July if we ever did. But on the wat somewhere around Taylor way I think, one more joined the group. First stop was Tim Hortons in Squamish, this was the turnaround point for the two doing a shorter ride today. Traffic was fairly heavy for the usual ride on the Sea to Sky route. Not many motorcycles. Next stop Pemberton for gas and a stretch. Back down the way we came to the Callahan Valley road to where one of the 2010 Winter Olympic parks was. Not much to see there the road is blocked up about 12km. Thought we could have had a place to eat our packed lunch but no safe suitable place there, so we rode to Brandy Wine Falls to eat lunch under some shady trees. This place was pack with no parking in the car area so we parked in the bus and RV lot as many others did. From there we travelled slowly but steady homeward. Every park or picnic area was full to capacity, we did witness a bike that traveled a short distance in the bicycle lane on the right side of the bumper to bumper cars get pulled over by a motorcycle cop, Stan took the Taylor way exit to get to Lions Gate Bridge, I exited at Boundary road and came home on Hwy 91 to 99. Wasn’t the most exciting ride but still a good ride.

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