Fraser Canyon, Spences Bridge & Merritt

The day began with our regular meet up at McDonalds.  Four riders (Dean, George, Max and myself) rode up to Ricky’s in Walnut Grove for breakfast.  I was half expecting to see a few more riders join us, but none showed up.  After breakfast, we headed along Highway 1 and stopped in at Tim Horton’s in Hope to pick up any members living in the eastern section of the valley.  Pat MacLou was the only member who showed up and we promptly left Timmie’s at 10:30.  Crossing over the bridge we quickly rode up to the canyon and arrived at the Old Towne Inn at 11:20.  As no one was hungry enough to have an early lunch, we pushed on and headed towards Spences Bridge and Merritt.  Along Highway 8 we were greeted by a heard of mountain goats.  George slowed down and took a few shots on the fly.

Arriving in Merritt, we lunched at A&W and were on our way a half hour later.  Coldwater Road, always a pleasure to ride, offered a more peaceful experience than the upper highway.  Some 30 kms later, we were forced join the Coquihalla where RV’s and trucks hauling campers were passing us by well over 120 kph.  Arriving back in Hope, we again crossed over the Fraser and took Highway 7 back home.

The weather was slightly overcast but the temperatures remained pleasant and constant between 20oC and 25oC throughout the day.  Total distance – 575 km.

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