LRRMC ride August 15, 2021 Keremeos for fresh fruit 654km

Today is predicted to be cooler than the past few days and we are riding to Keremeos 654 km return.    Four bikes showed up for today’s ride an unusually small group for a Sunday ride, Maybe thee heat and the smoke that is lying in the valleys along almost every main highway in BC right now from the forest fire, I believe 250 of them in Just BC,   

So we started with temperatures around 20° as we headed east on Hwy 1 and headed for Hope where Deane was waiting for us. Not much to say about how to get to Keremeos from Hope, there really is only one option. Stopped in Manning Park where this was the turning around point for Bob today. There places along the way with heavy smoke in the air and we could see the helicopters filling their buckets with water and flying away to dump in on the fires. Leaving Princeton we rode the almost 30 km of the Old Headly road and back onto Hwy 3 to Keremeos. We had brought lunch with us but we decided to have lunch in a air conditioned restaurant in Keremeos to escape the 34° air filled with smoke. After lunch we stopped for fresh fruit to bring back home. Of course we stopped in Hope DQ for the traditional ice-cream stop.

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