April 8, 2018 LaConner Lunch and Tulips

April 8 LaConner Lunch and Tulips 273 km This morning it was raining lightly and still two bikes were at McDonald’s ready to ride to La Conner and it wasn’t so we could see the tulips, it was because we like to ride and rain won’t stop us. We crossed the border at Abbotsford/Lynden crossing with only a couple of cars in the lineup. First things first so we headed to The Rusty Wagon for breakfast as planned. Once finished breakfast the showers had slowed a bit so off we went. Working our way on side roads to Whatcom Lake and then head south on Old Hwy 99 to Hwy 20. Turned onto Reservation road and came into La Conner from the south side. We chose the La Conner Brewing pub for lunch. Lunch done we headed out to see if there were any fields of tulips, not that we wanted to see tulips but this was the Tulip Run this club has done for as long as I can remember. Not many fields of tulips visible from the road, they now want to charge for access to see the flowers. Didn’t want to see them anyway. Fields of daffodils were just about finished and looking shabby. Start our way home heading to Chuckanut drive. Once we got to Bellis Fair area one rider headed home on the I-5 the other continued the planned route home the long way. Rain stopped about 2:00pm Neither of us got wet and it wasn’t to cold. Found a couple of wet slippery tar snakes but nothing serious. Pictures

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