April 24, 2022: Weaver Creek & Chilliwack Lake

What a gorgeous day today was. For those of you who missed out, the weather climbed to 20C.

Four riders (George, Brent, Stan and myself) made our way over the Golden Ears bridge and headed east through many of the back roads arriving at Weaver Creek (closed) and then proceeded to the Wildcat Grill for lunch. Stan headed back home while the remaining group rode to Chilliwack Lake. I was expecting cooler weather there, but the temperatures remained a constant 20C. With a short stop over, Brent, George and myself returned via the same route and made our way through Yarrow. Just short of Abbotsford, George and Brent made their way back via the planned route while I proceeded to 0 Avenue and back home. It was the best riding day of the new season.

Thanks George for designing the route and leading the ride. Well done!

Scott Maynard,

President, LRRMC.

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