April 22, 2018 Explore Washington

April 22, 2018 Explore Washington 300 km I think fourteen bikes with fifteen people gathered at McDonald’s today to do this ride in the sunshine. This is the biggest turnout for us this season for a Sunday ride. Because they all looked pretty hungry Our leader got us moving on time, heading for Rusty Wagon Restaurant in Lynden. And a good choice it was because they had very good bacon. When we reached the restaurant there were four more hungry RoadRiders there as well. Our leader decided that the group should be in two groups to make it easier to not loose anyone or cause problems in traffic. The day started out a little cool and cloudy, but as predicted the sun soon came out making this a very desirable day for riding the remarkable roads in Northern Washington. We traveled almost back to Canada on South Pass road before turning south to Maple Falls. Over to Mosquito Lake road coming out at Acme. Riding further south almost to Big Lake before turning to head up to Burlington to feed the once again hungry Roadriders at Mi Mexico Restaurant. At this time a couple left to get home while the rest carried on with the planned route up the Chuckanut and follow the coast line to Blaine and home. Thanks for a good ride to our leader Cliff Hayes and other leaders Scott Maynard. Pictures

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