April 15, 2018 Shady Grove

April 15, 2018 Shady Grove in Abbotsford Antiques and Collectible cars and then to Boston Bar 530 km The weather looked as though it was going to rain but still three bikes and one car met at McDonald’s for this event and ride. This ride we said cars were welcome because we had to book time for Shady Grove and wanted enough people to make it worth while for the owner to open the buildings for us. We had seven people. Abe and Elaine have three buildings full of cars of which most have been fully restored as well as lots of other antiques. Breakfast at Kalma and then rode to Shady Grove. After the tour some went home, some rode to Bridal Falls and home via Mission. Two of us rode to Boston Bar to have lunch at The Ole Town Restaurant. Thee weather cleared up and it was a great sunny day for a ride. Pictures Video

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