April 1, 2018 Cascade Falls

April 1, 2018 Cascade Falls 200 km Easter Sunday today and cloudy but still three bikes at McDonalds ready to head to the first stop Ricky’s in Walnut Grove for Breakfast. Two more join us foe breakfast, but only four going on the ride. Looks like it could rain as we get ready to leave, so on with the rainsuits. Over the Golden Ears bridge and over Syave Falls dam we continued to avoid the main roads and we rode a lot of curvy roads to Cascade Falls. It is a short walk on sometimes steep path with some stairs as well to the falls. Here there is a suspension bridge, so you can stand on it hand see the falls close up and hear the sounds of the water very well. While walking we could feel that the temperature was a lot cooler up here as it hailed on us. After we all had seen enough water cascading down we headed back to the bikes and warmer air. Over the Mission bridge and on to Chilliwack without the Highway to Have lunch at Jimmy “J”s. And the final leg was home along Vedder rd to Yarrow and home on Vye rd   Pictures

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