18-07-55 Ice Caves

Well I certainly enjoyed leading the ride down to the Big Four Ice Caves Yesterday. Great weather, great roads and Great people. And you know how the saying goes….if you’re not the lead dog, the scenery all looks the same! We started out with 8 riders on 7 bikes and picked up another in Bellingham on the way down. The traffic was light and mostly country roads so the group was able to travel together to the Ice Caves. Three hearty souls hiked the 2 mile return to the Ice Caves while the others went ahead to lunch in Granite Falls.We met again at the restaurant, the early group just finishing off lunch. This resulted in the first group going on ahead, I hope everyone in the first group was able to make it home without me, lol. The 3 hikers followed the return route using back roads from Granite Falls to Arlington where we merged onto highway 9 up to the border. Thanks to everyone that made this a Great Day.


Brent Rose

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