24-03-10 6 Fraser Valley Airports 27km

This is the first scheduled ride in the Langley RoadRiders Motorcycle Club’s 2024 ride schedule. Only four bikes and riders John F (Ride Coordinator), George A Ride leader for this ride, Stan L and Lester L tail Gunner and Photographer for this ride. The weather forecast was for warm 8°C and rain. So far, no rain and only cloudy skies.

The ride started from McDonalds in Langley as it has since the club was formed around 1985. First Airport in the route was of course Langley Regional Airport and next to the float Plane airport in Ft Langley, > Abbotsford International Airport, A little runway on Gladwin Road where the sky divers jump out of good, nothing wrong with-it airplane. Next one is a little farther away and it is Chilliwack Airport, and it is now lunchtime. I think we all had pie and Ice cream for lunch. After Pie and coffee, we returned to the bikes, but now it was raining lightly. Three riders decided it would be a good time to head home rather than ride in the rain. The other one decided to ride the rest of the route as planned. The rain did get a little heavier for a little while and eased off. Still 8 degrees and I am still dry. By the time I reached Harrison Mills the rain had stopped and the roads were dry, YAHOO! One more Airport to visit and that is Pitt Meadows Regional Airport. The planned route was to end south of the olden Ears Bridge. It is only 3:30 and daylight saving, first day so it will be light longer and I still want to ride. A ride to Fort Langley via Derby Reach is always a good ride and finding some roads I haven’t been on for a few months. Some how I got to Abbotsford and thought I should maybe head home because it is getting close to “MILLER TIME” Looking forward to another good riding season.

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