23-06-11 ride to D’Arcy

23-06-11 Sunday ride to D’Arcy 480 km

The sun shining this morning was a beautiful sight after a couple days of showers and today is a ride day. Four bikes arrived at McDonalds (George A, Don P, Stanley L, Keith S) for our ride to D’Arcy and the south end of Anderson Lake . Another bike and rider joined us as we passed the McDonalds on 200th street in Langley. Let’s welcome Greg G the newest member of Langley RoadRiders Motorcycle Club. The route of course was to ride Hwy 1 to almost Horseshoe bay and then Hwy 99 to Squamish where we met up with another member Dave T at Tim Hortons. Now six of us rode to Whistler, Pemberton, Mt. Currie, and then D’Arcy our destination and picnic site at Anderson Lake. The arrival was well timed as it was two minutes to 12 which in my world is lunch time. Take a few pictures and turn for home in hopes of beating the homeward bound traffic south of Taylor road exit. As we headed south each bike would leave the group as needed to ride to their home in time for dinner. Temperature reached 28° in Pemberton and about 22 at my home. Great ride, great day, traffic was good, weather perfect scenery marvelous. Home by 4:00 pm.

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