23-0402 Explore Washington 375 km

The weather forecast was for 3° at 8:00am and raining until 1 pm. But to my surprise at 6:30 am it was already 4 + degrees and cloudy, OK it is a go. Off to Brogans for breakfast and then to McDonalds our starting place where I found two RoadRiders waiting.  8 O’clock off we go and it is cloudy with a bright sky in the direction we are headed. Scott, Stan and I are heading to the Peace Arch border crossing to see if there are any others waiting at the meetup place in Blaine. No one was there.This route has a lot of very twisty roads like Sliver lake road, Mosquito Lake road and others. Lunch at Big lake Bar and Grill, they were busy and a little slow, but food was ok and the Apple pie was very good. After lunch the other two decided to head home. I continued for another 130 km to finish the planned route.  The words to an old song Jonny Cash sang, “I’ve been everywhere man” was running through my head. Some very welcome sunshine a few times and not so welcome, cloudy and rain showers as well. Even had a short light hail session. Snow on the side of most of the Silver Lake road that fell last night all the way to Maple Fall. But we managed to keep warm and dry and I got home before 5 pm. This is the second time I have done this route this year and hope to do it again, maybe in the opposite direction next time.

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