23-03-26 Follow the River

23-03-26 LRRMC ride to follow the river east to west on the south side and west to east on the north side 340km

An hour later start then a normal Sunday ride because it was only 2 degrees Celsius at 8:00 am for this all day ride. The sky was cloudy so on with the rain gear incase. The rain gear worked well never rained a drop. Four bikes showed up for this ride with three people from the Coast Riders and three from Langley RoadRiders, (do the math) there was still only four people on the ride. We rode to where the Fraser River meets Bradner Road in Abbotsford and we followed it as close as we could to the George Massey Tunnel. Then crossed the river and rode west on the north side to Mission and up to Sylvester road where three of the four headed back via roads north of Hwy seven.( that was 2 RoadRiders and three Coast Riders. The other (one RoadRider) carried on to Agassiz and crossed back to the South side over the bridge and rode close to the river through Chilliwack, Clayburn and home. Highest temperature was nine, yes there was some sun. Seen many bikes on the road, but not until later in the day. Lunch was at A&W in Maple Ridge where a small business man was on the sidewalk with his sleeping bag selling bracelets, pins and other treasures.  Had another great day of riding not far from home.

The Little Red House
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