22-09-04 Sunday ride “Follow the river 365km

Five bikes and riders (Bob, George, Mike, Richard B and Scott) were ready and waiting at McDonalds this cloudy morning for this ride locally, mainly because it being a long weekend and highways may be crowded. The ride headed the long way to Abbotsford in Glen Valley by the Fraser River. Riding as close to the river as decent roads would allow, heading down stream on the south side of the river. As we approached the beginning of the ride along the river it started rain a bit. We stopped and put on the rain gear even though it was very lite. We weren’t sure who responsible for the dark rain cloud following us, but we will find out later in the ride who it was not following. The ride went by Derby Reach, Hwy 17 to Delta Port, back to Highway 17to the Deas Island tunnel to ride on the north side of the river now upstream through New Westminster to 5 Guys Burgers in Coquitlam. That black cloud still following one of us, still not sure who that is. Once across the Pitt River Bridge we turned right onto Kennedy rd. towards the river again. Just before we got to the Pitt Meadows airport we pulled over to discuss who wanted to carry on in the rain or call it a day. Three  decided to head home the other two decided to carry on with the route to Agassiz, the over the bridge to Ferry road and along the river to Chilliwack. At Chilliwack we rode home on the Hwy 1 to No. 3 road where the traffic was stopped, so we got onto the parallel roads and being that we both live in southern Langley and Surrey that worked out ok home in time for Miller Time before dinner. Oh yes a little add on here almost forgot to say who the cloud was following, but the three that headed home from Pitt Meadows, we now know the cloud was following one or more of them because once Bob and I got east of the Golden Ears Bridge the rain stopped and the sun was shining and warm and once we got closer to where they were it started to rain again.

Mc Donalds 8 am
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