22-08-28 Fort Casey to tour big guns & Light house 315km

This morning it was 15° as only two arrived at McDonalds for this ride to Fort Casey to tour the parks history. The plan was to ride to the old Big Al’s restaurant and meet others who didn’t have Nexus. There were two members that do have Nexus. I was actually surprized that there weren’t more riders. I have had suggestions that we should have some rides with a destination of interest. I guess this was not one of those interesting places. We rode I-5 to the Chuckanut exit and wove our way to WA 20 and over to Deception Pass. Stopped for a few pictures at the bridge. Rode WA 20 all the way to Fort Casey with a stop at Oak Harbor for a coffee included. Once at The Park we had to purchase a 1 day pass for $10 USD or a 1 year pass for $30 USD. Three of us bought the 1 day pass as we most likely won’t be stopping at a US park again this riding season, the other purchased the 1year pass and has plans to use it. I thought the park would have one big gun to view and a light house. There was lots more to see and learn about how the guns were operated and their intended targets. There a lot of gun stations in their heyday, however they never were ever fired other than practice and were pretty much relics by the 1st world war. After tour it was lunch time, but the planned place to eat was very crowded and the parking lot was full, finally we decided on DQ. Other them then getting the orders mixed up it was an OK lunch. I thought as I think the others also felt it was a very worthwhile and interesting trip. And I would like to go back another day and see more. This day was as perfect riding weather as could ever expected to be. Hope we get more of it before winter takes over again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Casey

Light House
Lunch Place
Ready to go from Big Als
Deception Pass
Scott Inspecting the gun
gun in the firing position
10″ bore can fire shell 8 miles
could fire a round every 45 seconds
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