22-08-16 Tuesday night ride to Pitt Lake 88km

8 bikes gathered at McDonalds for this ride towards the bright sun, the long wat to Pitt Lake. We started at 700:00 pm from the usual starting point and travelled to the south Perimeter road and exited at the Bridgeview exit. Over the Pattullo bridge heading straight into the very bright sun which made it hard to see the many pot holes and bumps at the start of the bridge. However we all managed to get through it and on East Columbia and onto Hwy 1 to Lougheed. Now not staring into the sun we could enjoy the ride and scenery on the way to Pitt Lake. It appears to be a popular spot on Tuesday nights as many people were picnicking as well as boating. After a short visit we headed back south, some went straight home others went to DQ in Maple Ridge for Ice-cream.

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  1. Awsome ride