22-07-31 Ride is Explore Whatcom County 368 km

Today’s ride was Plotted by Richard Briand a few years go and it is an excellent ride                Only 2 of us met at McDonalds for today’s ride, Myself and Stan. Crossed the border at Pacific Hwy and rode H street t Lynden. And then did  lot of roads. More than just Whatcom County . We did Silver Lake, Whatcom Lake, Beaver Lake, Black Mountain, Maple Falls, Mosquito Lake, Cain Lake, Big Lake, Lake McMurray, some I don’t know the name lakes, Both sides of Skagit River, Chuckanut Drive, Birch Bay, Blaine. Man I’ve been everywhere Man. Lunch in Toni’s Pizza near Sudden Valley and it was very good. The ones that didn’t do this ride lost a great experience, Good curvy roads great scenery, excellent Pizza and weather was not too hot.

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