22-07-24 Duffey Lake loop Clockwise 568 km

Six bikes and riders showed up for this always good ride George, Lester, Deane, Roger, Ken and guest Dave Tusi. Sunny skies and a promise it will be hot today and the high was 34C at Boston Bar the hottest Place I noticed on tm temperature gauge, Simple ride Langley> Squamish where we stopped for a stretch > Whistler >Pemberton > Lillooet where we had lunch at A&W because it is quick, Lytton> Boston Bar > Hope for Ice cream and home on the somewhat congested traffic. Lots of bikes out today everywhere we were. For the most part the ride was relaxing and went very smooth, traffic not too bad. We met up with Wayne and Louis at A&W and one of them had a new to him almost new Goldwing Tourer, I think he must have eaten a few bugs because every time I saw him he was smiling. Great day great Ride and good people on the ride.

Lester taking the picture
Ken’s George’s
bike not in picture
Seton Lake from Leter’s drone
taken at Seton Lake

some one got a new bike, wasn me
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