22-06-26 Ride to Pavillion Lake 860 km

22-06-26  Ride to Pavilion Lake 860 km

Three bikes started from McDonalds with excellent riding weather ahead for the whole day. First stop was Hope BC for gas top up for some and to join with three more riders. Roads are in good condition but there are two sections of one lane traffic with use of a pilot car at Jackass Mountain and another on Hwy 99 where part of the road was disappeared. Stoop at Boston Bar for some others gas stop and adjust wearing apparel to suit the warming weather, Cache Creek A &W for a quick lunch and fuel. Near Fountain Valley we stopped to drink water. Now about 34 C. Lytton, Boston Bar 37 C. Here the group divided as some kept going while others stopped for a rest and gas. As for the last stop in hope for some cool stuff and home, Good days ride , very little traffic, Pavement could be better some areas.

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