21-10-24 Ride Follow the river & Seashore 208 k

21-10-24 Follow the river and seashore 208 km

The ride today was to follow the Fraser River from east of Fort Langley to Ladner and follow the beach back to Crescent Beach/ White Rock. The forecast   was for heavy rain today and some wind. Deane and I started from McDonalds at 8:00 am with clouds but no rain and a very bright sun shining under the clouds. It was a very pleasant 10° as we rode east to get near the river on River road. Most all the roads we rode on in this area had tons of fallen leaves on the road, some roads had a thick covering of huge yellow maple leaves many of which were very wet. A use of an abundance of caution and liw speed was used especially on the curvy roads.  Now heading west to Fort Langley and stay close to the river as we followed it downstream. Once we were west of New Westminster on River Road the rain started and was getting heavy and the wind was blowing, once we got to # 6 Rd. we decided to end the ride as the clouds towards Ladner looked dark. But the rain was not too bad as we got further from the river again. I rejoined the planned route as I got closer to Crescent beach the rain started a bit heavy again. By the time I got home the rain had stopped. I trusted the weather Network forecast that the rain was going to be heavy but I thought maybe it wasn’t that bad. About 2 o’clock I went for a walk and by the time I got an hour away from home the sky just opened up and the rain came down, didn’t see any cats and dogs falling, but lots of water flowing in the gutters on the roads.

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