21-09-26 Ride to Harrison/Chilliwack 177k

21-09-26 Ride to Harrison Muddy Waters 177 km

The weather for today was predicted a light rain in the morning and heavier rain throughout the day. Despite this prediction still two old guys decided to show up at McDonalds for the scheduled ride.             ( maybe some old timer issues). As we left McDonald’s with rain gear on but no rain yet. Didn’t take long for this to change to light rain and it still felt warm enough and we were dry. As we rode along the south side of the Fraser, there was actually dry patches on the pavement under the overhead trees. As we headed further south and east the rain did get a little heavier but we still remained dry and warm.  Following the planned route we meandered east and crossed the Mission bridge. The 2nd and third oldest members of Langley RoadRiders were still enjoying a nice ride as if they were in their right mind. Now on the north side of the river and heading to Agassiz. We chose not to ride into Harrison Hot springs as we didn’t expect that anything would be different then the last time we were there. After crossing the Agassiz Bridge we followed Hwy 9 to Yale road where we stopped at Tim Horton’s for coffee and donut or muffin. Still warm and dry, but by this time we have been using the heated grips and seat to ensure the continued warmth would not diminish. The route took us southward on a number of turns and roads through Yarrow and towards Vye road on our way home. Even though it was raining most of the way our spirits and our bodies were not dampened. We did not stop at the Birchwood Dairy for ice cream as the route directed because it was not long since we had coffee at Timmies. Once we reached 200 St. and 16 Avenue we went our own ways to home and lunch.

Riding in the rain is not bad if you have the gear,

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