2021-06-27 Ride to Manning Park

Sunday June 27, 2021This ride was scheduled to be a ride to Bromley Rock provincial Park which was forecasted to be very high temperatures for this area and this time of the year and could be hazardous to our health. I became the ride leader so I changed the ride to Manning Park and Cascade lookout. The ride started at McDonald’s in Langley at 8 am as usual. Unusual was that only four members showed for this ride, Lately we have had more like 10 or 12 bikes on Sunday rides. Other unusual thing was that the three of the four were members who have been here the longest on this planet. We started out about 26° and rode Hwy 1 to Sumas Hwy and over to Lougheed Hwy and on the north side of the Fraser River to Hope, stopped at the rest stop west of hope for a comfort stop including rehydrating. Onward to Hope to top up the fuel tanks for ride to Manning Park and back to Hope. Upon reaching Manning Park we rode up the narrow and twisty road to Cascade Lookout. Took a few pictures and back down to sit under the shade of some trees at Manning Park Resort and eat or bag lunches There was a very nice breeze and about 38 °. The ride home started out with decent temperatures until we got close to Hope and Ice-cream at DQ. AS we left Hope heading to home the thermometer reach 41- 43 degrees and was not as comfortable as it was on the way up.

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