19-10-27 Delta, Steveston, Iona

Because of the predicted cold morning temperatures the ride was scheduled to start from McDonalds at 9:00 am. But four of us went to Brogan’s Diner for breakfast at 8:00. It was 1°C this morning when I left home so while we were having breakfast it warmed to about 4°C which was much better. Four members came for the early breakfast and the met six others at McDonalds for 8 am start to the ride. As usual for us we we rid as much off the main highways as possible. We had to use a short way on BC 99 to get to the other side of the river and to # 6 road to our first stop at Iona Beach. Over to Steveston, the back over the river to follow the river north to Surrey for lunch in Newton Denny’s. This is where the ride ended for seven of the ten riders but the other three headed for the Golden Ears bridge at to Stave Lake Dam and onto Sylvester rd. Once down to Lougheed one headed to Chilliwack the other Home in Langley. It was a beautiful day for riding with sunny skies all day. Home about 5 pm and temperatures were dropping. It is amazing that ten members would crawl out of a warm bed to ride in almost freezing weather. Never heard any complaining.

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