19-10-20 Cascade Falls and more 340 km

This morning looked a little wet and the forecast was for a lot more rain. Only one person showed at McDonalds for this ride and it was very lightly showering. That person decided to do the ride solo. Started out going across the Golden ears bridge and riding to the Stave lake Dam and over to Sylvester road as the route was plotted. Stopped at Cascade Falls and walked up to the Falls. This is where the route changed from the plan It was only around 10 o’clock so I thought I will go to Hope for lunch. Got to Hope, Not lunch time yet. Sun was almost shinning, now so on to Boston Bar for Lunch. Had lunch at The Ole Towne Inn. Best Gluten free pizza I have ever had. Just after 1:00 pm, I will head for home on Hwy 1 until No.3 road and then head south to Vye and home. On the way home light rain started about Bridal Falls. Very enjoyable days ride, and the rain did not dampen he spirit.

Ole Towne Inn Boston Bar BC
Suspension Bridge @ Falls
Lunch @ Ole Towne Inn Bosto Bar
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