19-09-01 Lytton and Ken Glasgow Art display 450 km

This morning was overcast with clouds but seen bikes showed up for this ride to Lytton. First stop was in Chilliwack at Tim Horton’s where two more members were waiting to join us. Now eight bikes we head back onto Hwy 1 on our way. AS we approached Yale the clouds started to let go of some very light misty shower. We stopped in Yale to suit up with rain gear.Some one must have had magical rain gear because by the time we got it on the rain stopped. Boston Bar was a good place to stop and remove the rain wear and enjoy the sunny roads ahead, Another 50 Km and we were in Lytton where the collection of welded art with humorous comments printed on signs. We spent about 45 minutes there walking around the works of an artist with a sense of humor. Buy now it was time for lunch so it was back to Boston Bar and to The Ole Towne Inne .I think everyone in Boston Bar was at this place, I have never seen it this busy, On the road again and on Hwy seven to Mission Bridge and hon=me on Harris rd. Good weather, Good roads, Good friends and a good display of local art made for a great day. Pictures

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