19-07-14 Ride for Cherries

July 14th and the club had its’ annual ride to Keremeos for Cherries. We had a terrific turn out with 9 riders doing the ride. Things got a little “interesting” as we rode into Manning Park, as it decided to “give us a little rinse”, unexpectedly. You can see us under the trees at Manning Park Lodge, putting on our rain gear. As soon as we got out of Manning Park the rain stopped, and we never saw it again that day..whew!

 Grant McKenzie led us to Dave’s fruit stand in Keremeos, where we all seemed to be getting a good deal from the young guy behind the counter…so he probably is into motorcycles, and took a shine to us on our bikes.         Traffic was pretty heavy all day, and really got heavy around Prest Road in Chilliwack.   There was a 3.5 km back up on Chadsey Road, trying to turn west onto Keith Wilson Road.   I mean it was just nuts!    However, as we ride the back roads all the time, I’m sure all of us got home in better time than we would have if we had stayed on the freeway.    The cherries are good and ripe , by the way.   Cheers Pictures

Rob deBest

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