19-07-07 Lytton for Chinese Lunch

Sunday July 7, with uncertain weather, and we still have no trouble finding enthusiastic riders. 4 showed up in Langley, and two more joined up in Agassiz as we all set out for Lytton for a Chinese food plate sharing lunch. The forecast called for .2mm of rain, with a 40% chance of it catching us. Well, that tiny bit of rain caught us 8 or 9 times. What are the odds of that Mr Weatherman? Each time (except the last time), we just rode on thru and were dry again in no time. That last time….not so much….lol. The rain added suspense to our day, and a large brown object lying in the middle of the road, near Yale, proved to be a brown bear, who watched us all as we rode by him, 7-8 feet way. I have 5 witnesses to this story, so it really is true. As for the Chinese food, we knew we were in for a “treat” or a “surprise”, when the cook greeted us all with a huge smile,as we got off of our motorcycles, and then lit up his bong in preparation for cooking our meal! Again, I have 5 witnesses to this…..! And, the food was great, as you can see from the smiling faces around the table. (No, perhaps unfortunately, but the bong never made it to the table, the smiles are all just from the food and the company. Much of our talk centered around George who was conspicuously absent, and who I know will read this post, and we all extend our “Get well soon” greeting to you George. My thoughts also go out to Pat, and I am thinking of taking up a collection for him, to buy him a new weather app for his cell phone, because his forecast of the ride home from Hope could not have been more South of North. Cheers Pat. Have a look at our photos. Not a rain drop in sight, which is false news for sure. (Rob deBest



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