19-06-23 Granite Falls Ice Caves 400 km

This ride is to Big Four Ice Caves Trail 723 about 30 miles east from Granite Falls.

4 bikes and riders met at McDonalds to start this ride with light clouds above as we headed to Hwy 13 border crossing into Lynden and to Hilltop Restaurant for breakfast. Here another member joined us for the ride. We traveled on some new to us roads on our way to Whatcom lake and on to HWY 9 south. They were very motorcycle friendly roads as well. Through Granite Falls to Silverton and the parking lot for the beginning of the one mile log hike each way. Felt like most likely up hill all the way, but when we were on our way back it didn’t seem to be that much down hill. we all made it and got a look at the Ice caves. They are not as big as they used to be. Walk back to the parking lot and rode back to Granite Falls for lunch at Teriyaki Cafe for Japanese lunch. The food was very good.We worked our way back west and home on Chuckanut drive. No rain, but it was cool at times. Pictures

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