19-06-16 (Father’s Day) Marble Canyon 690 km

The rides doesn’t start until 8 as usual, but three of us went to Brogan’s Diner for breakfast @ 7 am because the ride was a long one and therefore no breakfast stop in the plan. Seven bikes and riders left McDonalds and rode to Chilliwack Timmies to meet two more members eager to do this long ride on fathers day. Today’s ride was unusual because there is two rides planned, one short ride to Spences Bridge for lunch at The Packaging House Restaurant . We have stopped here before on other rides and it was very good. Then the three would return home by the Hwy 1 until Hope then Hwy 7 on the way home. Three of the nine bikes did this route. Th other six bikes rode as far as Spences Bridge with the others, but then carried on to have lunch in Cache Creek at Hungry Herbies. Head north on 97 to Hwy 99 and ride through Marble Canyon and to Hwy 12 to Lytton and Hwy 1 to Hope. The roads were in great shape, weather perfect and very light traffic. A stop at JB Diner in Boston bar for Ice cream was a welcome stop. Home before 7:00 was not bad for a long ride. Thanks to Rob and Glen for leading these two rides. Pictures

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