19-06-02 Agassiz/ Princeton

Beautiful day this morning when six bikes showed up for this ride. Started from McDonald’s as always, we started at 8:00 am as always, Over the Golden Ears Bridge and over to Dewdney Truck road until we got past Mission where we headed east on Hwy 7, we stopped at Horn of Plenty for a coffee. Followed Hwy 7 all the way to Hope. Next stop to stretch was Manning Park and then up to Cascade Lookout which is always a good place to lookout over Lighting lake, the Hwy and the mountains. Traffic was lite and roads good. Back on Hwy three to Livinit Restaurants in Princeton where we had lunch. I thought it was OK but not extraordinary. Service was slow. After lunch home on Hwy 3 to Hwy 7. Pictures

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