19-05-19 Sunshine Valley, Princeton, Otter Lake Park 530 km

While most of the regular riders were away on a three day ride( 4 days for some) Two bike showed up at McDonald’s for this ride to a couple of places we have not ridden to before. As usual the first stop was planned for Ricky’s in Chilliwack to have breakfast, Here we met up with two Chilliwack members. This ride is long ride when we consider the stop at
Tashme Museum at Sunshine Valley. Click on the link to read about this historic WW2 era place. Next was Manning Park, Princeton. Coalmont. Tulameen Otter Lake Park.. When we got back to Princeton one bike had a flat tire.Good news was we had repair kits that could fix it an not need to be towed home. Weather was great, roads mostly good Pictures

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